Q. Describe Rejoice! and its congregation.
A. Rejoice! is a place of worship, a place where God is glorified, and the power of God's spirit is proclaimed and celebrated. Through music and song, word and sacrament, people are strengthened here for a life of witness and service. We worship, learn, serve and grow together.

Rejoice! is a place to learn about Jesus. It is a place to begin a life of faith or renew one. It is a place to live out that faith in service to others in gratitude for all that God has given us.

Rejoice! is a welcoming place for all people.

Q. Who is allowed to take Communion at Rejoice?
A. All who are baptized and believe Christ is present in the sacrament of Holy Communion are welcome to commune. In this sacrament Christ offers himself to us in love for the forgiveness of sin and frees us to live a new life in him.

Q. Do I have to be an actual member of Rejoice! to participate in Sunday School, worship, and other activities?
A. No. All are welcome to our worship, Sunday School and other activities.

Q. How do I become a member of Rejoice!?
Every few months we offer a new member class for people interested in joining Rejoice!
For more information contact
Patti Hovdenes, our Director of Membership, at 402-334-1999.
Also see New Member Class

Q. How would I go about getting my child or myself baptized?
A. Baptism class meets the first Saturday of the month at 10:00. Call the church office at 402-334-1999 to register and to receive more information. Baptisms are not performed during Lent, the time period before Easter.

Q. How can I become more involved at Rejoice!?
Rejoice! offers many opportunities for service, study, and fellowship for people of all ages.
Our programs are growing and changing, and we'd like you to become involved. Examine the variety of programs highlighted in our web site here, and contact a pastor or call the church office at 402-334-1999 for more information.
Q. When is your "contemporary" service?
Each of our services incorporates contemporary music and traditional hymns. In addition, once a month our contemporary music group leads worship services, and different musical groups, including children's choir and senior choir, participate in worship throughout the month.

Q. We're interested in getting married at Rejoice!. What should we do?
A. Couples considering a wedding at Rejoice! must be members of Rejoice! at the time the wedding is
scheduled.  Members considering a wedding at Rejoice! need to call the church office at 402-334-1999 to request a copy of our Wedding Guidelines and Wedding Information form.

Q. What should I do if a relative is in the hospital? Should I call a pastor?
A. Notify a pastor or call the church office at 402-334-1999.
Q. How old is your church?
Rejoice! Lutheran Church was founded as First English Lutheran Church in 1907 in the Benson area of Omaha. We moved to our present location in 1970, and changed our name to Rejoice!
Lutheran Church in 1971.  Interim Senior Pastor Glenn Schacht, came to Rejoice! in 2014, and Pastor Heather Grell in 2009, and Pastor Darrell Anderson came to Rejoice! in 2013. Currently we have over 3,000 baptized members in our church.
Q. What does "ELCA" stand for?
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, the church organization to which Rejoice! belongs. For more information on ELCA and its activities, visit the web site at www.elca.org.



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